Cool FM Synthesis is back with YM2612/YM3438

Iconic SEGA GENESIS Sound with YM2612/YM3438



Customize your sound, your style.

Metallic Red, Urban Black, or Silver Grey - the choice is yours.

Make your synth stand out.

parallax background


Dive into DIY!
Choose your synth model, assemble it yourself or let us do the work.

Craft your sound, shape your musical journey.



Retro vibes with the DAFM synth BLASTER!

Relive 80s & 90s PC gaming sounds with the YMF262 OPL3 chip.

Light up, tune in!


Complete your DAFM synth trilogy!

Dive into unique sounds - Genesis, Arcade, and Blaster.

Each with its own vibe. Make them yours!




Handcrafted with love and passion for electronics, design, music, and gaming.

DAFM synths – portable creativity at your fingertips.

Get inspired!

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